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Common mistakes when writing a dissertation

Three mistakes

Writing a dissertation is not an easy task. Neither before nor after (probably) does the average person always do the same, so it's not surprising that you make a few spelling mistakes. However, in the case of a dissertation, mistakes are unacceptable, so it is worth reporting typical mistakes right away that graduates make, unfortunately. Quite often, when writing a dissertation, a student resorts to what he thinks, if I have not written a dissertation at all, then I can write it myself without the help of essay authors ( Here is a list of the most common mistakes:

Incomplete or non-existent links. This can be completely eliminated from the fact that if a graduate student from the very beginning of writing a dissertation adheres to some basic rules, namely: he describes what he describes, notes the source of the idea / data, carefully reads the relevant materials that he has, and also part of the requirements to the dissertation. An accurate reference requires painstaking work and attention, but this is not an impossible task, it is better to seek help from a company ( that specializes in such a problem. Also, most word processing programs have a "bibliography" feature, so this error is likely to be avoided.

Plagiarism: today we hear enough about this topic, everyone knows that you can’t decorate with other people’s feathers, pass off other people’s thoughts as your own, but buying an idea or the work itself from the authors of an essay ( is quite another matter. The "copy paste" function can be used correctly for its intended purpose, and scanning programs are available, this error can be prevented. As in the previous paragraph, with the correct indication of problems, there will be no problems when writing.

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