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HAC Requirements for the Volume and Structure of a Doctoral Dissertation

Speaking about the volume of doctoral work, it is worth noting that it should be at least three hundred pages. When drawing up the structure of the text, there is no strict framework, so you should stick to a standard pattern. According to him, a doctoral thesis should include the following structural elements: title, content, introductory part, main and final. A list of references and appendices should follow.

What are the requirements for a doctoral thesis?

The defense of a doctoral dissertation is supervised by a special body called the dissertation council. It is usually present in universities and some scientific organizations. It is the dissertation council that awards academic degrees based on the results of a public defense. Three months before the defense of the dissertation research, an announcement is published on the website of the Higher Attestation Commission and the educational institution on the basis of which the defense of the doctoral thesis will take place, covering this event.

It should contain information about the applicant, the subject of his work, etc. Together with the review, the abstract of the work is also posted, as well as reviews for the doctoral thesis (from the supervisor and consultants).

Approximately one month before the defense, the dissertation council should familiarize themselves with the abstract of the work. It is on it that the first impression of the doctoral dissertation of the applicant will be made. As a rule, the abstract contains a "squeeze" from the work itself, with the help of which you can get a general impression of this scientific research.

Also, before the defense, the dissertation council appoints three opponents. These experts must provide professional references to the applicant's work. At the same time, the scientific novelty of the dissertation, its relevance, as well as the reliability of the conclusions presented in the conclusion, are necessarily evaluated. In addition, opponents are present at the defense procedure itself. Also, a leading organization, which is also chosen by the council, leaves its review for a doctoral dissertation.

How is the protection procedure going?

First of all, it voices the postulates of the protected research, gives all the pros and cons about the conclusions made in it, provides the necessary evidence, visual materials.

Such a public defense is a collective discussion and an attempt to solve a certain scientific problem or problem. When the discussion comes to an end, the council holds a secret ballot, the results of which are recorded in a special conclusion. It is also worth noting that the defense procedure is mandatory recorded in the protocol, and also recorded on film.


In conclusion of this article, I would like to say that preparing for the defense of a dissertation research is a rather complex and at the same time multi-level task. But usually, all the efforts spent on writing and designing the work pay off with a sense of significance from the discovery made, forcing them to move rapidly towards new scientific achievements.

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